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Hello Skinny

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Hello Skinny - Revolutions

In demand drummer for Melt Yourself Down and the Owiny Sigoma Band, Tom Skinner, steps out of the spotlight from his recent worldwide successes with these acclaimed collectives and a recent EU tour with Owiny Sigoma Band supporting Atoms For Peace to release his new EP Revolutions as Hello Skinny. Swiftly following on from his acclaimed and self-titled debut album, Tom Skinner's Hello Skinny project ratchets back into view with the genre-blurring EP/mini-album Revolutions.

Side A of this new 12" comes in the form of two brand new Hello Skinny tunes, Revolutions parts 1 and 2, written and recorded with live band members Hugh Jones and Shabaka Hutchings, Revolutions Part 1 is what can only be described as Hello Skinny's "banger" (all things being relative; Hello Skinny is a project named after a Residents tune, after all). Slowly evolving over its delicately controlled 8-minutes, Revolutions Part 1 is a dubby techno number that waxes and wanes - slow build, peaks’n’troughs musical euphoria personified. Revolutions Part 2 on the other hand relieves you from your eased-in comfort zone with an expertly executed free-jazz saxophone/drum conversation.

Side B snaps you back to sunset and back to the huge horizons so awed at during Revolutions Part 1 with Zero 7's minimal techno take on Crush from last year's self-titled Hello Skinny LP. Followed on vinyl by two further remixes, a driving yet beautiful folktronica take on Knot Blue by fellow Slowfoot artist (and member of Hello Skinny's live band) Crewdson aka Hugh Jones and then capped off by Skinner's Melt Yourself Down colleague Pete Wareham and his midnight reverb reworking of Bump, whisking us jazzily with malicious intent towards our vinyl-based conclusion.

The vinyl purchase comes with additional downloadable remixes from revered artists Matthew Herbert and Bass Clef.

Written, performed and produced by Tom Skinner
Trk 1 + 2 performed by Tom Skinner, Shabaka Hutchings, Hugh Jones
Bob Dowell – trombone [trk 5]


"Revolutions Part 1 is a seriously well-crafted piece, leaning into tribal techno but uninterested in committing, and cooking up an eight-minute storm around overlapping percussion, sombre slide guitar and stifled saxophones blurts." [Dummy Mag]

"...somewhere between a lost Arthur Russell project and latter day, four to the floor Fourtet" [The Wire]

"A wondrous and hypnotic gem not to be missed." [Cast The Dice]

"UK producer Hello Skinny dropped by the meditative bonfire-burner track, "Revolutions Part 1". This is the track that marries together those acoustic elements of varied drum progressions and horn like echoes that sound off like shofars or long distance train horns caught by ear from far off lengths. This song could be your Burning Man 2013 anthem." [Impose]

"The beats and rhythms here are sublime, infectious and irresistible... ...With his 'Revolutions' EP Hello Skinny has given us a challenge, and if you meet it, you will find some quite special and interesting pleasures." [The Sound Of Confusion]

"...blends gunshot bass, paranoid Owiny-esque skitters and refracted sax to narcotic effect." [Kit Records]

"Revolutions is manna from heaven for the musichead that lives to be exhilarated by music that can both titillate the mind and move the body." [Couch Sessions]

"A superb foray in unravelling polyrhythmic ambience, the track is a suitably hypnotic high point from the multi-instrumentalist musician, a leading figure in the capital city’s abstract jazz scene." [The Thin Air]


12" Vinyl EP (SLOEP022)
  1. Revolutions Part 1
  2. Revolutions Part 2
  3. Crush (Zero 7 Remix)
  4. Knot Blue (Crewdson Remix)
  5. Bump (Pete Wareham Remix)
Download EP (SLODL022)
  1. Revolutions Part 1
  2. Revolutions Part 2
  3. Crush (Zero 7 Remix)
  4. Knot Blue (Crewdson Remix)
  5. Bump (Pete Wareham Remix)