Middle Name John - Obviously Confidential

Obviously Confidential

Middle Name John

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Middle Name John - Obviously Confidential

Middle Name John created Obviously Confidential cornered between the fatigues of late-stage capitalism and the overwhelming feeling that doomsday is always one step ahead. Composed of eight groovy, trippy and often witty songs, the album is a blend of electronic experimentalism with the occasional swagger of a guitar riff.

More runaway train conductor than narrator, Middle Name John distils disillusioned poetry that oscillates between a purge of incisive social observations and a collection of elaborate indagations of subconsciousness, holding a two-way mirror into the personal and the collective. Obviously Confidential highlights the shortcomings of modern-day individualism and reminds us that perhaps the glimmer of hope at the end of the dark tunnel of human ugliness can only be achieved through empathy.

“The world can be cruel. Don’t let it make you mean.”

Recorded during times of simultaneous global pause and unrest, the album intentionally reflects the chaotic, confusing and at some points silly dialogues that happened both in the public and internal spheres. Instead of enforcing solitude, Middle Name John embraced collaboration, bringing along multi-instrumentalist friends such as Alessandro La Barbera (Los Padres, Sans Soucis) and Max Mella (Aphty Khéa, Sheldon Agwu). On the final track ‘Too Much Too Soon’ you can hear the wonderful drumming of Marijus Aleksa (Joe Armon Jones, Oscar Jerome). The challenge of never being in the room with more than one person invited each collaborator to bring their own edge to their respective tracks, turning the songwriting into a playful process where the toying around with cassette loops and effects pedals can be heard throughout.

All lyrics by Middle Name John

Recorded and produced by Middle Name John with -
Alessandro La Barbera [trks 1-3, 7-8]
Max Mella [trks 4-6]

Drums on trk 8 by Marijus Aleksa.

Mixed by Alessandro La Barbera [1-3, 7-8]
Mixed by Max Mella [4-6]
Mastered by Tobin Jones at Park Studios


Cassette Album (SLOCA041)
  1. Different
  2. Hello Friend
  3. Too Slow
  4. Give Me Time
  5. Forget What You've Heard
  6. Be Gone
  7. Stand By
  8. Too Much Too Soon